Family Ties

When I asked for the separation, he wanted it over and done with right away. Over 7 months later, I finally moved into my own place. After the initial emotions were discharged, we came to terms with the fact that separating our home and lives was going to take time and that it was never going to be possible to not be in each others lives due to our son. So, we made the conscious decision to move forward as a team, as co-parents and as friends. I told him that no matter what, we had to put in the effort to either love each other or hate each other and so why not go with love? Its better for everyone and especially for our son.


It took a lot of patience and counseling and talking to get to where we are today. The place where we can talk and have lunch together, go to each others homes or see each others families and not have it be awkward or upsetting. But it has been so worth it. When you invest so much of yourself into a marriage, its devastating to think about having to give all of that up – the friends and family, the stability, the partnership and the memories. So we have elected to embrace them.

My new place has maternity photos and wedding photos adorning the walls. It has memories from our home and our times together. They are things that I will never give up thinking about and cherishing. They gave me a wonderful life and brought me my son, I don’t ever want to forget them or resent them. He has come over to help me with my computer and to share dinner as a family, he is a person that I can vent to about my noisy neighbours or to confide in when I am having a tough time with things. I can do this, because he is sharing in all of these changes with me, he is the other side of the equation and I don’t ever forget that.

It takes two people to actively make the choice every day to have a positive relationship and I am incredibly lucky that I have this person who is willing to make that commitment to me and our family every day. Its not been easy for him and we haven’t always received the best response. Its amazing to us to hear people be so negative about it or to tell us to “just wait”, that it will get bad and tempers will flare and its all downhill from there. Its frustrating to have people ask why, if we are able to tolerate each other so well, why we didn’t just stay married.

Marriage isn’t a convenience, its not meant to act as a placeholder. We are no longer the best partners for each other, and that is all. We are allowing each other to find someone who is. But we are also allowing ourselves to embrace a new found appreciation and love for one another, one of family and as parents to this amazing little boy that we call ours. That is what keeps us going every day, the fact that he sees us as his parents, engaged with each other in a happy and healthy relationship and showing him the love and support and encouragement that he deserves. We are a family, they come in many shapes and sizes and this is ours.

Its Been Awhile

Life has been full of, at times, overwhelming changes in the past few months.

New Job

New Address

New Car

New Legal Marital Status

oh, and my tiny little amazing human is going to school.

So I’m sure a lot of people will think that this means that I would have had plenty to talk about, and there was, but I wasn’t ready to share my inner struggles and outward changes with everyone. I knew that life was going to be an interesting journey this year, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional toll it was going to take on me or how much I was going to second guess myself.

But here I am, on the other side. I recently (as in, its still peeling and making me itch like I am some kind of crazy person) started another tattoo project to commemorate these changes.


It was perfectly described by my artist as a bird of light and infinite energy. She is in full flight, graceful, beautiful, loved and powerful. Those are all things that I never accepted as being a part of myself, but this past year has forced me to rethink not only my life, but myself. Its been a year of spectacular growth for me, one that has made me shed more tears, smile more times and grant myself more forgiveness than I have ever allowed myself.

What this really means it that I have lots to say and I am now ready to say it.

Wow, that felt good.

An Ode to Detroit

I love Detroit. I consistently get asked why. My answer usually tries to convey the beauty and resilience of a city that has undergone devastating change, but really, I should just tell people to go. It’s something that truly has to be experienced to be understood. And I guarantee you will either love it like I do, or hate it like so many others.

I just recently spent 2 nights there. I stay at the Hostel Detroit when I go. It’s the cutest hostel that is a non-profit trying to educate people on the awesomeness of the city. It makes me happy and gives me a sense of adventure.


Being welcomed by name and having kitschy sheets to sleep on makes me smile and waking up in a typical Detroit neighbourhood makes you feel less like a tourist and more like a part of the true city.

Don’t get me wrong, Detroit and it’s economic situation are not to be taken lightly. There are constant reminders of the hardship the city and it’s residents have experienced. Abandoned homes and historic buildings stand like wounded soldiers on every block, but they are hauntingly beautiful and are a quiet reminder of the fragile landscape that we have created in the industrialized world.


I woke up early the first morning I was there to take some photos before the dew had lifted and while the sun was still low in the sky to try and show people a different side of Detroit. That the sun rises there as it does everywhere else. That people get up and go to work and kids head off to school. It’s functioning under intense pressure. The people who have stayed love their city. They are proud of it’s history and are sure that it will one day recover. They are committed to making that happen. You have to see beyond the graffiti and boarded up windows. It’s not an easy task I know. But it’s there. They want the rest of the world to see it too.


I feel like maybe I am biased though. Detroit reminds me of myself and my struggles. Overlooked and under appreciated. Judged by many and loved by few. But those who know her feel her intensity and never forget her. I look forward to my next visit. She never disappoints.