The Abortion Debate 

I find the debate on the SCOTUS HB2 ruling to be disheartening. Really it isn’t a debate at all. Everyone who supports the bill shares a link or says, “Thank Goodness!”, but wow are the other side chomping at the bit.

I get that they are impassioned, I really do. It’s an issue that is at the heart of many peoples religious and moral beliefs and while I don’t partake of the same view, I do support their ability to share their side of the argument. However, while perusing through a fair number of posts, it seems to be that they have fallen off their rockers. I am always up for a lively debate, one that is well informed, fair and intelligent, but I feel like this is not what they are up for.

Posting personal attacks on people or resorting to name calling makes you lose all credibility, but they just don’t seem to care. They also don’t seem to care about scientific facts or studies. Maybe this is just the nerd in me, but aren’t those things kind of important? I do a fair bit of reading and consult with my best friend, who happens to be a doctor, when forming opinions regarding medical practices and rules, and I think that everyone should. It’s easy to make decisions with your heart, but unfortunately it’s not very good at reasoning or logic or risk/benefit analysis.

We need to live in a world where we are making decisions based on facts, science and our best judgement, not our feelings, because those are intangible things. We are all individuals with different life experiences and values, but those shouldn’t be forced upon others.

***Edit: I ended up having a lovely discussion with someone about the ruling, who was on the opposite side of the issue from myself. It can and does happen. Keep your minds open and your comments respectful and you end up having more in common than you would think! Thanks to Epiphanies and Serendipities for her awesomeness!

3 thoughts on “The Abortion Debate 

  1. Hi thescarlettside,

    Your comment over at Eternity matters raised some complicated issues, the biggest of which is trust. How can any of us trust each other when we are surrounded on all sides by such ill-will?

    The context we are living in now is one in which true liberal values are almost completely gone. Instead of a desire to learn and know truth, many people are consumed by tribal hate. If you disagree with consensus dogma, you open yourself up to the vilest language, personal attacks, doxing, hacking, etc. You become fair game for electronic lynching by a 21st century hate mob.

    Sadly, this behavior is not limited to any political “side” or group.

    I don’t know if this has happened to eternitymatters. But it’s happened to many others.

    Taking what you’ve said at face value, and giving you the benefit of the doubt, I agree completely:

    “(any) post loses readers respect when your argument becomes a personal attack and is ill informed. ”

    Here’s my dilemma:

    Would you speak out against the behaviors above if you witnessed them being done against people you don’t agree with? Have you?

    History and current experience both show that almost no one will.

    • I absolutely would, and thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I think blogs etc are a great forum to have productive debate and learn more about issues that the world faces from the viewpoint of others, but it’s also a place where people feel that they can attack others without having to account for their actions. I don’t agree with that, no matter what side of the discussion you are on.

      We will never get anywhere if we come from a place of anger or hate.

      And I couldn’t agree more, when both sides are hoping for ill will toward the other side. I think everyone has something to contribute and to learn, but we refuse to open ourselves up to that because we don’t trust each other. We think we will be led down an intentionally ill path, and that just sucks.

      I wanted to comment on her post so that she was aware that she isn’t reaching people or stimulating productive thoughts, which I tend to think is the reason why people publish. I completely understand the passion and the anger, but history has shown us that that gets us no where.

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. This is the kind of thing that I love!

      • Well said.

        Let’s hope that there are sufficient numbers who are willing resist the mob. I’m less optimistic about that than I once was, but appreciate what you’ve written.

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