Sometimes I seriously want to punch people right in the face.


Everyone has problems, everyone has a story to tell. I get that, trust me, I have lots! So I really don’t want to spend my days hearing you natter on about yours.

I’m not talking about having discussions with friends or family here, those are moments that build relationships and save sanity, a life necessity really. I am talking about those people that we work with or casually see who never have anything good to say. They are never happy and life is never good enough. They have the woe is me attitude and a million reasons to support that. At first you may get sucked into these stories, you identify with people and offer your sympathies. Then you find out that they have taken 8 Caribbean vacations in the last year and you begin to wonder what the hell they are talking about.

I wonder if they have ever stopped to wonder how they are affecting their lives and the lives of everyone around them with their constant negativity. Its always been amazing to me to see how someones frame of mind can completely alter how they view their own circumstances and those of others. I have always tried to be a person who has focused on the positive side of things, a natural optimist. I truly believe that this is the only reason that I haven’t been committed to some kind of institution. Life has thrown me many challenges, that for the most part I have kept very quiet about and dealt with in my own way. I have been able to always see the light at the end of the tunnel and look at things with a decent amount of perspective. I ache for those who struggle with that, I have many loved ones who have struggled with depression and I cannot even begin to imagine how that must affect every moment of their day.

But for those who have simply elected a negative attitude, or one of impenetrable ungratefulness, I have no time. Take your complaints elsewhere.

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